In-Home Private Puppy Training, is when we the trainer/behaviorist come to you in the comfort and convienience of your home, and we design a custom program of training based on your puppie breed, temperment.  This training comes with a FREE Temperment Test.  We can then look at any particular needs you the owner have.  The training is as much about training you the owner to understand and be able to work in a playful way correcting any behavior problems that might currently exist or that may arise in your new best friend! It is always best to work with all mature menbers of the family, but the choice is up to you.

Grop Classes, "Manners Classes," Socialization Classes," can't help with most behavior problems that are happeneing in your home and around your home.  A puppy or dog learns where they are trained.  Group classes are NOTHING like your HOME ENVIRONMENT.  This is why group classes can't help.

First time puppy owners

The In-Home Private Training is structured in a series of 1-hour lessons. The lessons are usually spaced two weeks apart, but we are happy to accommodate your schedule.

When you sign-up for the Private Training, as with any of TLC K9 ACADEMY'S TRAINING SERVICES, you will always get a WRITTEN LIFETIME GUARANTEE!  Once you pay for training, YOU NEVER PAY AGAIN!

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"We can train ANY dog!"

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Force Free - Gentle - Fun - Results - Guaranteed



"We can train ANY dog!"

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