Adult Dog Behavior Correction Training



"We can train ANY dog!"

"Most People Want to Hire THE BEST TRAINER the 1st TIME!"

Bill Glatzel, K9 "Guru"


"A Dog is not obedience trained until it behaves off-leash with distractions"

Bill Glatzel, Dog Trainer Scottsdale, Director of Training and TLC K9 "Guru"

Whole Method Professional Dog Training Approach

The Smart K9 Choice for you and your pet

Because All Dogs and Owners Are Different and Special, You deserve a training program that is customized to your specific needs. You deserve a program and style of training, style of instruction, and style of learning that will be fun, force-free, and effective in the most positive stress-free way. We use trade marked and system marked techniques such as............ 

Do you feel traped in your house?  Do you feel if you left your dog alone you might come back to a destroyed yard, or destored house? Are you embarrased or afraid to have guests come to your home because of your dog's behavior problems? Have you felt frustrated or hopeless that your dog's problem was too bad, too big, or has been a bad habit for too long?

Most all dog behavior problems can be resolved in just 1 to 2 visits using our methods.....Guaranteed!

At your convenience, in your own home, using our scientifically tested, non-force, modern training system, we Guarantee to correct any dog problem that is keeping you and your dog from enjoying each other.  Call us now to regain you and your dog's sanity! 480-502-DOGS (3647) or e-mail us now!

No dog's problem is TOO BAD TO CORRECT!

No dog's problem is TOO BIG TO STOP!

No dog's problem is TOO FAR ALONG TO CHANGE!

If your dog has any one of these behavior problems or other behavioral issues, please contact us, and we guarantee to give you back control of your dog and home again!

 call now at 480-502-DOGS (3647) or e-mail Us

Force Free - Gentle - Fun - Results - Guaranteed


  • biting
  • growling
  • snapping
  • snarling
  • mouthing
  • dominance
  • over protectiveness
  • begging
  • keeping off furniture
  • digging
  • climing/jumping
  • chasing vehichles
  • pestering problems
  • agression towards outsiders
  • killing other animals
  • hyperactivity
  • eating own fecal matter
  • introducing new pets
  • depression
  • sympathy lameness
  • aggression
  • jumping
  • barking
  • stealing food
  • accidents in the house
  • marking/dominance
  • finicky eating
  • sexual mounting
  • stealing your personal items
  • destroying your yard
  • climing walls/fences
  • excessive licking
  • aggression towards owner(s)
  • aggression towards other dogs
  • scratching
  • psychotic/neurotic dog
  • destroying your property
  • introducing new babies
  • blindness
  • stealing articles of others
  • destroying furniture
  • chewing
  • fearful behavior
  • phobias
  • separation anxiety
  • pulling/straining on the leash
  • running away
  • submissive urination
  • whining
  • bolting out doors/car doors
  • jumping out windows
  • jumping walls/fences
  • excessive sniffing
  • aggression towards other animals
  • self-mutilation
  • pica
  • behavior problems after a house move
  • territorial issues
  • deafness
  • anxiety/nervousness

 call now at 480-502-DOGS (3647) or e-mail Us

Force Free - Gentle - Fun - Results - Guaranteed



"We can train ANY dog!"

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Force Free - Gentle - Fun - Results - Guaranteed

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